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You should use as few fonts as absolutely needed to communicate the information on the card. This is true especially for a business card, which is a small. When designing your business card, it's probably best to narrow your selection to two-three fonts. Larger texts, like the business name, or your full name. The absolute minimum font size you should use in your business card is 8pt. However, you should try to stick with at least 12pt to ensure readability. So.

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This is fairly easy for the text-based elements of your card; just pick an acceptable font size and a nice font style (maybe your corporate font). Sizing images. The standard font size for business cards is between 10pt and 16pt for the main information like business name and full name. While the best practice for. The finished size of your project may also play a factor in selecting a minimum font size. For example, on a standard business card, 6pt would typically be.

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Text Size Guidelines · Address and Phone Contact blocks should be point. · Name 1 point larger. ie If your address is 7pt, then your name is 8pt. · Your Title. Minimum Text Size For Business Card It depends on the font you choose but 6pt is about as small as you can go. There's your answer. Read more about viewing. Text size guidelines · Address and Phone contact elements should be 7 to 8 point · Name should be 1 point bigger or set in a bold typeface · The title could be the.