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Air Force badge mid-size mirror finish Acquisition. Acquisition and Financial Management Badge is one of the Occupational Badges of United States Air Force. www.bushiken.ru Or. Visit: www.bushiken.ru Recruit and develop college students/graduates into Air Force Civilian Financial Managers. Audited Financial Statements. Since the inception of the Air Force Academy Foundation (formerly the USAFA Endowment), financial statements have been audited.

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Financial Reports. The AOG is pleased to publish extensive financial information including our Annual Report, IRS Form , and our most recent financial. The Air Force finance and accounting community provides a wide range of opportunities for professional growth & development, as well as offers the opportunity. Defense Finance and Accounting Service Air Force Accounting Requirements – DFAS-Columbus Air Force Financial Management Data Dictionary.

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GAO noted that: (1) the four Air Force financial management executives included the: (a) Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management and. At the very core, the Air Force is an organization that requires financial acumen. Responsible for organizing financial management activities and. The Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management & Comptroller) (abbreviated SAF/FM) is a civilian official in the United States Department of.