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Epsilon-caprolactone is a building block for the production of polycaprolactone acrylate used as an oligomer in UV icured systems. Other The downstream. This finding means that the biodegradable poly(epsilon-caprolactone-co-delta-valerolactone) wax is useful as an implantable matrix for a drug delivery system. Epsilon-caprolactone (C6H10O2) Data source: Madison Metabolomics Consortium - Francisca Jofre, Mark E. Anderson, John L. Markley. NMR-STAR file.

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ε-Caprolactone. Purity: >%(GC). Synonyms: ε-Hexalactone; ε-Hexanolactone. Documents: SDS | Specifications | C of A & Other Certificates | Analytical. Buy high quality epsilon-Caprolactone FC Online from Biosynth Carbosynth. Synonyme, 6-hexanolactone, epsilon-caprolactone, 2-oxepanone, caprolactone, hexanolide, 6-hexanolide, hexanolactone, 1,6-hexanolide, e-caprolactone.

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epsilon-CAPROLACTONE, ICSC: (November ). ε-Caprolactone 6-Hydroxycaproic acid lactone 2-Oxepanone 1,6-Hexanolide. ε-Caprolactone is widely used as a monomer in the manufacturing of highly specialized polymers. It is mainly utilized as a precursor to caprolactam. IUPAC or Common name, ε-Caprolactone. Mole. Wt. Composition formula, C6H11O4. CAS No. Application, Raw materials for resins‚Solvents.