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In the absence of local fixed network infrastructure, Internet traffic may have to take a far more circuitous route to reach its destination. That might well. 1. There are billion people in the world. (Worldometer), billion of them are active Internet users. · 2. Asia has the largest percentage of Internet. With a current worldwide estimated population of billion, approximately billion people have access to and use the internet frequently. That means that.

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rise of the Internet provoked an explosion of data produced in the world since the beginning of Figure illustrates this continuously accelerating. In all, Cisco says global IP traffic could reach exabytes per month by , up from exabytes per month in It will amount to zettabytes of. Globally, Internet gaming traffic will be 4 percent of global IP traffic by , up from 1 percent in Global network performance. Broadband speeds will.

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The COVID worldwide pandemic has drastically affected network usage around the world, with many operators experiencing % growth in traffic volume as. Global Internet Traffic Filter By: All. Infographic. Video. Interactive. Presentation. Netflix is now responsible for 15% of all internet traffic globally, according to a report by Sandvine. YouTube takes up % of global internet traffic.