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Device Lockdown Android KIOSK Mode Restrict android devices for enterprise use and block entertainment applications to prevent employee distractions and. SureLock Kiosk Lockdown is available for Windows and Android. About SureLock Kiosk Lockdown. 42Gears Mobility Systems is a India software company that was. Benefits of Android Kiosk Lockdown Mode. • Lockdown Android devices in Kiok Mode • Restrict Users to allowed Applications only.

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Kiosk Browser SE will allow you to lock your Android tablet to a specific web site or group of sites preventing end users from escaping to the underlying. KeyOS is an Android Kiosk Launcher that prevents user interaction or any other activity outside the scope of defined execution. KeyOS allows the default. Kiosk mode replaces the standard device home screen with a customizable home screen that provides access only to authorized applications and websites.

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By activating the kiosk mode, device administrators can restrict all professional Android tablets and smartphones to a locked desktop. Combining your mobile device deployments with the powerful kiosk technology of CubiLock solution helps you lockdown your tablet into kiosk mode and turn. Feb 5, - Kiosk Mode locks down your Android tablets or smartphone to selected applications Kiosk Lockdown App for Android | Android Kiosk Software.