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Get a search results page URL · Chrome: Tap the address bar. Below the address bar, next to the page URL, tap Copy. · Firefox: Tap and hold the address bar. Tap.

How To Create Partition In Solaris 10 Step By Step

May 01,  · You’re mixing find and is generous, and will find anything which matches, as long as it is in its database, which is normally updated, in this case, is looking for a file glob, the sort of pattern you would use in probably mean iname '*book1*'.Note that the pattern must be inside quotes to stop the shell from expanding it before .

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Jan 10,  · updatedb - update a file name database; xargs - build and execute command lines from standard input; The find program searches a directory tree to find a file or group of files. It traverses the directory tree and reports all occurrences of a file matching the user's specifications. The find program includes very powerful searching capability.