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The drive is beautiful, but to break it up we have a couple of stops that will leave the family in awe, and their stomach's full. Stop 1: Hamilton. Stop 2: Tirau. Stop 3: Rotorua. Driving Distance to Rotorua: kilometres. Driving Time: 2 hours 45 minutes. Map: Auckland to Rotorua, via Hamilton and Tirau.

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May 17,  · 1. Direct Route: Auckland to Rotorua via Matamata. Allow 3 hours drive time. Drive south along State Highway 2, SH25 and onto SH5 that leads into Rotorua. Matamata is a good place to stop for a coffee (just under 2 hours). It is at this point that you can take a detour and visit Hobbiton Village, 10 minutes drive away.