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Latent Defects insurance covers the costs associated with repairing structural damage that is a consequence of design, construction or material faults in a. Latent defects could become a factor in property insurance coverage and liabilities. A hidden defect or imperfection in a construction project could be. Advantage Home Construction Insurance (AHCI) provides structural defects to make the process of securing latent defects cover smooth and efficient.

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Typically the policy covers structural damage and the resultant damage arising, threat of structural damage, waterproofing and defective design. However, it is. Main policy features *. Residential property – Council of Mortgage Lender approved warranties are available with cover for 10+ years, extendable to include. This is an insurance policy designed to cover the costs of making good faulty workmanship, materials, or damages discovered in residential, commercial and.

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Policies only covered the structural elements of the building and did not cover mechanical and electrical services. It was rare to find a policy which. Latent defects and any physical damage or loss arising out of or caused by latent defects are covered only if there are no warranties, guarantees or other. Latent Defect — a defect that is concealed or inactive. Damage from a latent defect is typically excluded from coverage under all risks property insurance.