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Register JDBC Driver. You must register the driver in your program before you use it. Registering the driver is the process by which the Oracle driver's class. The JVM Managed Runtime requires that you identify a JDBC driver class either Oracle, www.bushiken.ruDriver. PostgreSQL, Cannot load JDBC driver class'www.bushiken.ruDriver' idea link oracle database error, Programmer Sought, the best programmer technical posts sharing.

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Error Cannot load JDBC driver class 'www.bushiken.ruDriver'. Hi,. I am using DataBase connector as an outbound and trying to configure for Oracle. As its mentioned in your error the problem is with your www.bushiken.ruing line, Solved: Folks, I'm trying to setup a connection to ORACLE 12c. I uploaded the JAR file using JDBC Driver Class Name: www.bushiken.ruDriver.

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DRIVER CLASS: www.bushiken.ruDriver. DRIVER LOCATION: Simply specify the location of the jar or zip file that contains the Oracle Thin drivers. Способ использования (ojdbc). // Driver class: www.bushiken.ruDriver // URL Connection String: (SID) String. Driver class: The driver class for the oracle database is www.bushiken.ruDriver. Connection URL: The connection URL for the oracle10G database is.