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Current Transformers and Current Shunts work in conjunction with the MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager and MonitorPro to provide high-level motor. Product Engineering FAQ. DC Ammeter Shunts. Can I continuously operate a shunt at its full rated current? Shunts were originally designed to provide a. If you are familiar with the use of a current shunt resistor, then it is easy for you to understand its principles. It has the qualities of resistors but with.

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Distributor of current shunts. Available in various models. Suitable for verification and calibration of process control loops. Vendor managed inventory (VMI). Fluke CS20MA Current Shunt Model: CS20MA. Features a 4 to 20mA current range for AC and DC measurements on process control loops and is intended for use. Hoyt Meter's Type LC Base-mounted Current Shunts ( amps to amps) have brass 1/ x 7/8 connections with lock washers. screws provide wire.

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VALUE ADDED KITS! Fluke Current Shunts. Current shunts for Fluke process instruments. Sort by: Fluke TPS SHUNT 1A Shunt, 1A AC/DC, A Current Shunts are used to measure current by measuring the small voltage dropped across a precision resistor placed in series with the load. Definition Shunt Resistor A shunt resistor is used to measure electric current, alternating or direct. This is done by measuring the voltage drop across the.