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To make money on a viral video, you must monetize it, generally by requiring subscribers to pay to view or by allowing companies to advertise to your audience. Learn to get video backlinks to skyrocket your YouTube channel rankings. This course includes: 2 hours on-demand. Viral marketing refers to advertising that is spread organically. In this example, we made a funny video that has been viewed thousands of times.

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Viral marketing is no longer a matter of brands getting lucky with an infectious piece of content. These days, virals are meticulously planned to ensure. When your goal is viral video marketing, on the other hand, your brand has the potential to become the face the entire world is watching and talking about. When it comes to B2B marketing videos, emotional hooks and entertainment value are important, but they aren't enough to send your video viral.

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Increasingly, marketers implement video into their marketing mix, hoping that this engaging form of visual storytelling will take off, exposing their brand to. As simple as it can get, video marketing is producing videos via technology to promote your business. 68% of users prefer watching videos to know a brand. In order from most to least viral (if that latter can even be considered "least" in this case) here are our picks for 3 of the most effective, viral video.