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Children find an answer in organized sports — whether it's Little League, soccer or football. But accidents happen. Luckily, Guardian Accident Insurance has. Reality: National statistics indicate that up to 10% of all children in the U.S. aren't covered by health insurance, with much higher uninsured rates in certain. Some sports organizations may also need additional policies such as Property, Reality #6: National statistics indicate that up to 25% of all children in.

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e.g. boosters, sports camps & leagues, clubs, etc. Whether your child is uninsured or has a plan which limits choice and imposes out-of-pocket costs. The Advantages of the K Accident Insurance Plan: Offered through the school systems Coverage also includes all organized youth sports activities. This applies to all sports and to all participants of any age. Please fill out the online form specifying the insurance that your child currently is.

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Our plans can provide useful insurance protection for your children. School Year's plan (including interscholastic sports, except high school tackle. Our coverage provides valuable benefits for groups such as schools, daycare facilities, youth groups, sports teams, recreational associations, community service. Summer camps are magical places where children and teens make new friends, learn important skills, have a great time, and build relationships that last a.